WeHealVeteransPTSD.org was founded to assist veterans and their families with problems that arise from stress-related disorders including PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury), depression, MST (Military Sexual Trauma), anxiety, fatigue, fibromyalgia, prescription/substance abuse/addiction, and sleeplessness. It will also improve balance and overall sense of well-being.

WeHealVeteransPTSD.org will help veterans and their families, holistically, through a science that has proven itself for over three thousand years in Asia. This Chinese science, Medical Qigong (pronounced “Chee Gong”, also known as Chi Kung), has been used to effectively in modern times treat trauma victims of earthquakes, tsunamis, war-torn countries, countries with child sex slaves, trauma from many other causes, in addition to healing nearly every kind of chronic illness.

Medical Qigong is a branch of Chinese medicine taught in Chinese medical schools. In Beijing, the major hospitals all have Medical Qigong Departments that are used to effectively to heal a wide variety of chronic health issues, from high blood pressure to cancer. Medical Qigong uses gentle physical exercises that focus breath, posture, and intention to move energy through acupuncture channels. This releases deep levels of psychic stress that neither ordinary exercise nor drug therapy can reach.

Medical Qigong is “the hidden medical science behind martial forms of Tai Chi”. Veterans will receive the multitude of benefits of Chinese medicine but without using acupuncture or needles – something soldiers can do for themselves, at no cost, anywhere and at anytime – but with the same or even more powerful benefits.

Medical Qigong exercise is an answer that will eventually change the way that veterans (and their families) will cope with and wipe out stress-related disorders. These are the root cause of the stress and strain they are experiencing “in the present moment.”

“The discipline is extremely effective. I can make that bold statement, because Medical Qigong exercises cured me of my PTSD during the most difficult time of my life!” – Chuck Johnson, Founder of WeHealVeteransPTSD.org. Chuck Johnson will be teaching the “Chinese Therapeutic Exercise System” to veterans in various venues around Fayetteville. These venues may well include the VA Medical Center and Womack Army Hospital.

This teaching is focused on helping veterans, our wounded warriors, go “back to the source” and find true peace, holistically. Traditional exercises will also be taught including: effortless movements, dynamic and quiescent (meditation) qigong coupled with non-martial tai chi, feng shui, and inner alchemy (the science of evolving one’s psyche).

The results will change the lives of these veterans and their families. They will be able to get better jobs, have nicer homes, and make solid investments. They will have greater insight into problem-solving and decision-making. Their lives will finally have true peace and harmony.

WeHealVeteransPTSD.org is truly all about helping others, which is the true definition of selflessness. Veterans deserve to be helped since their service to our country put them in a “trauma theatre.” Their trauma can and will be relieved using the power of holistic intervention. Medical Qigong is used widely by the Chinese military, and it was the secret weapon that a young revolutionary named Mao used to keep his troops healthy and fighting despite horrible and depressing conditions – enough so that they eventually seized power in China in 1949.

Chuck Johnson, Founder of WeHealVeteransPTSD.org has been practicing the discipline of Medical Qigong for the past decade. In his mastery of Medical Qigong, Chuck connected with Cosmic Freedom Qigong Founder, Chok Hiew PhD., in 2008. Chuck also connected with Michael Winn and was certified in Tai Chi for Enlightenment-Primordial Qigong.

Michael Winn’s grandfather in medical corps was General Dean Winn, after whom Winn Army General Hospital in Ft. Stewart, Ga. was named. Michael Winn’s father was Lt. Col Dean Winn, Jr., an army heart surgeon, who later came to study qigong to help heal his Parkinsons Disease.

Chuck Johnson combined these two unique forms of Medical Qigong with specific preparatory exercises to create the “Chinese Therapeutic Exercise System.” We now have in our toolbox a discipline that will set the standard for holistic healing for veterans afflicted with PTSD, TBI, and related issues.

Going back to the source, via Chinese energy medicine, the Chinese Therapeutic Exercise System (CTES) enables pain to become much more manageable. By giving affected soldiers the opportunity to apply the “Chi Kung” holistic approach to manage pain, they will ultimately be able to replace their use of opiates and methadone.

Medicines are used in a lot of cases of PTSD and TBI. Unfortunately, many soldiers become addicted to these drugs. Assisting soldiers to get off these pain killers is a daunting task that must be taken seriously. WeHealVeteransPTSD.org intends to ensure that the need for said medications be reduced to a minimum.

Managing chronic pain via Chinese energy medicine is a proven method that would allow veterans to come completely off these hard-line substances. They will enjoy a calmer and happier life. Their vital organs will function more effectively. Their blood and chi will flow more freely. Finally they will live naturally free from the harmful side-effects caused by synthetic pharmaceuticals.

I was appalled when I met a soldier with TBI and PTSD that admitted he was taking 300mg of Oxycontin daily. The soldier also admitted he had been on Oxycontin, Percoset, and other pain killer medications for the last three years. The soldier walked and talked like an old man, yet he was only 30 years old.

He was noticeably high. He was convinced that the medication would not harm his body in any way. Actually, it is currently damaging his major internal organs and that damage is beyond repair. WeHealVeteransPTSD.org will focus our efforts on veterans who have the desire to be weaned off their medication and do so while under the care of their doctor.

Additional needs that our organization will effectively address include MST and Post Combat Stress. MST, Military Sexual Trauma, is an issue faced predominantly by female veterans. MST can leave a woman feeling alone, depressed, and anxious. Military service puts both men and women in stressful, dangerous combat or combat-support situations. After coming home, many veterans continue to be affected by their combat experiences.

Fund Raising Activities

WeHealVeteransPTSD.org fund raising activities will include leveraging the global popularity of Texas Hold ‘Em poker. Today it is common for numerous organizations to host charity poker tournaments. These poker tournaments are highly effective in producing significant funding. There are a number of other non-profit groups considering offering support for this program as well. Money raised through local and statewide charity events will play a part in our efforts. Our area hosts the world’s largest US military installation so we will be working with volunteers, businesses and the military to expand our network capabilities.

Founder, Chuck Johnson, is an affiliate of Poker Training Network (PTN).  PTN provides a state-of-the-art online, poker training environment that is second to none. In addition, they offer a non-gambling All-in Poker Room that can be used for private tournaments.

In fact, Montel Williams, who owns twenty percent of the company, is putting together a major charity poker event with PTN and the USO. This event was inspired as Montel Williams was visiting with our troops, returning from active service, recovering at Walter Reed Hospital.

He discovered that Walter Reed Hospital uses poker to help brain trauma soldiers recover. They use poker because poker analytically puts the brain back in order. It helps our soldiers re-socialize, do critical thinking, and do step thinking. 

An article providing more detailed information can be found by clicking here now.

Our plan is to raise $550,000 by December 2011. This money will be used to:

First – train and certify qualified applicants in CTES – Chinese Therapeutic Exercise System.  A select number of these certified individuals will be hand selected to conduct group classes in various locations contingent upon our veterans needs.

Second – provide Chinese Therapeutic Exercise System workshops, classes, and services for affected veterans and their families. Michael Winn may be utilized to conduct the workshops at various times contingent upon his schedule. All workshops will be provided free of charge to all military participants with PTSD or other stress-related disease.

Third – Conduct seminars open to everyone in order to make our services available to all walks of life. This will assist in our charity fund raising efforts as well.  Noted guest appearances by Mr. Michael Winn, Mr. Michael Roads and Chok Hiew, PhD. and other well-known masters of energy medicine and medically-oriented spirituality. These events will be held at specified coliseums or convention centers in metropolitan cities.

(“Chuck Johnson has taught in various venues around Fayetteville such as Mi Hwa’s Salon and Spa, Pilates of Fayetteville and at his own CosmicPilates studio once located in Pinehurst, NC.”)

WeHealVeteransPTSD.org Board of Directors are Mr. Jim Hageman, President, Ms. Deborah Catrini, Vice-President and Secretary; Mr. Michael Winn, Executive Advisor; Mr. Chuck Johnson, Founder and Executive Director.

Our Mission
WeHealVeteransPTSD.org assists veterans and their families experiencing PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and other stress-related illnesses, holistically via a highly effective energy science Qigong, (pronounced Chi Gung).  WeHealVeteransPTSD.org advocates assistance through charity fund raising in various states as well as through funds and donations made to WeHealVeteransPTSD.org.

There are a number of non-profit groups considering offering support for this program, including emmy award winning Montel Williams, Corporate Partner with PTN, who visited Walter Reed Hospital and found that poker was being used to heal troops of TBI – PTSD, and immediately offered to use his network to raise funds for the cause.

WeHealVeteransPTSD.org is associated with Healing Tao USA (D.A.R.I., Inc.).


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