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How Fat Free Foods Make You Gain WeightHave you ever thought about it? All of those companies that make low fat or fat free foods claim that their products help people lose weight. Here’s the thing though: Americans eat the most low fat and fat free foods, but somehow we have the highest rate of obesity in the world! That just doesn’t make sense!

Well, actually, it does make sense. Think about things in perspective in terms of time. People of all generations before us were not struggling as much as we are today with weight. What was it that was different? Well, they certainly didn’t have low fat or fat free foods so if they didn’t have those foods to “help” them, what was it? There’s the key! They didn’t have low fat or fat free foods! That’s why they were not struggling with their weight!!

Low fat and fat free foods do NOT help you to lose weight! Plain and simple, that is the full truth and I know you can handle it! Okay, so here’s how low fat and fat free foods make you fat…

First off, foods with fat tend to taste better than their low fat or fat free buddies. I know, it’s not something that you’re likely to admit since, I’m sure, you’re trying to keep those types of foods out of your mind while you work hard to lose weight. But realize that usually it is the fat in foods that make things taste so great. So when companies reduce or take out the fat, the taste goes with it.

Just think about the difference between a yummy cracker topped with cheese and a low fat cracker all dry and bland. Which one would YOU choose? The tasty one of course! So basically, you’re subjecting yourself to bland, tasteless, dry food that, get this, costs more! That just completely does not make sense! Anyways, the fact that companies take out the taste means that they need to make their products taste good some other way. You know what that means! Chemical galore!

Low fat and fat free foods contain so many extra fillers that it is honestly scary! You’ve got tons of salt and tons of sugar, way more than is healthy and you’ve also got odd bulking agents, flavor enhancers and even artificial flavoring. Clearly this can’t be good. However, in a way, it does the trick to making low fat and fat free foods more tasty.

Secondly, now that companies have been successful in making low fat and fat free foods tasty, people tend to think that since they taste good AND are low fat, then it’s okay to eat even more of these foods than regular full fat foods. This is actually very bad! It’s bad because if you eat more, you end up eating tons more of the chemicals they pump into these foods! And those chemicals are bad for your body, hands down, without any questions.

Statistically speaking, when you eat low fat or fat free foods, typically everyone will end up eating 28% more calories than regular full fat foods! Can you believe that? So by eating more of these low fat or fat free foods that are artificially tasty, you’re actually eating more calories than you should be, than you would be if you were eating full fat foods! Wow.

Now, that doesn’t mean that if you just eat less of the low fat or fat free foods, then these will be healthy for you because they really aren’t, period. That also doesn’t mean that you’re free to eat fatty, greasy foods either because fried foods are never good for you. What you should be eating though, in terms of fat, are foods that are high in good fats. These include olive oil, avocados, nuts, seeds and oily fish, like salmon and tuna.

Going the easy route with low fat or fat free foods, letting companies do the “extra legwork” for you, is just a bad idea. Success weight loss begins with making good health choices and sometimes it may mean making a healthy lifestyle change. But the key is to keep all of your health decisions in your hands. So keep learning about foods and make sure to keep your health in your focus and you’ll quickly be able to lose weight successfully!

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How Fat Free Foods Make You Gain Weight How Fat Free Foods Make You Gain Weight How Fat Free Foods Make You Gain Weight How Fat Free Foods Make You Gain Weight How Fat Free Foods Make You Gain Weight

How Omega 3 Helps Your Mind and BodyOver 25,000 worldwide scientific studies show that long-term consumption of Omega-3 fish oils offers benefits to your heart, joint, and skin health as well as your memory. Recent studies show they can even improve your emotional well-being.

Heart and circulation

Studies suggest that Omega-3 helps maintain healthy cardiovascular function and healthy circulation. Keeping your heart healthy can add years to your life. Omega-3 is also found to maintain healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels.


Studies suggest that EPA, one of the main components of Omega-3, can help the body to reduce inflammation, which may mean less joint pain. Grown-ups and kids who take Omega-3 regularly find it can help support healthy joints.

Sharper eyesight

DHA, one of the main active ingredients of GO3 Omega-3, is one of the main building blocks for visual nerves and cells. It’s a major component in retinal tissue and plays a role in photoreceptor cells, the parts of the eye that collect light.

Mental activity

Studies suggest that Omega-3 contributes to brain and nerve cells, supporting mental activity. It can aid proper brain, eye, and central nervous system development in young children. Recent studies also show a positive effect on learning and concentration; a 2005 study (Richardson et al, The Oxford-Durham study, 2005.) showed over 40% of children significantly improving their reading and spelling abilities after regular doses of Omega-3. Omega-3 has also been shown to support mood and alleviate stress and tension.


Studies suggest that Omega-3 can help build cells throughout your body, so it can help skin become stronger and healthier and may even help with sunburn and complaints like eczema.

Isn’t Omega-3 in food?

Nothing can replace eating healthy natural foods. Eating well is the starting point for mental and physical health. Omega-3 is only in certain types of food and it’s one of the essential fatty acids that aren’t made by the body. It’s found in fatty fish such as salmon, herring, anchovies, mackerel, trout, and tuna but to get enough fish oils you would need to eat them several times a week. This won’t work for everyone, especially if your kids aren’t big fish fans! Plus if your normal diet is high in certain fats and acids common to a Western diet (found in meat and oils like soybean, sunflower, and safflower) it can affect how much Omega-3 your body gets from food. So it can be hard to make sure your family is getting enough—which means taking a nutritional supplement can help.

Kids and Omega-3

Studies suggest that in the very young, a lack of Omega-3 can affect how brain cells grow and communicate. And DHA (one of the main components of GO3 Omega-3) helps vital areas of our eyes to develop.

Adults and Omega-3

Grown-ups can also benefit from Omega-3′s effects. It helps maintain a healthy heart and circulation and helps maintain proper joint function. It helps alleviate minor aches and pains associated with daily life and can help to protect and improve your skin, even helping sunburn and complaints like eczema. And it can help prevent mood swings, stress and tension.

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How Omega 3 Helps Your Mind and Body How Omega 3 Helps Your Mind and Body How Omega 3 Helps Your Mind and Body How Omega 3 Helps Your Mind and Body How Omega 3 Helps Your Mind and Body

Organic Food   Information on the Benefits of Organic FoodIt is normal, and indeed, necessary, for you to have sound reasons for taking different actions in your life. This applies to switching to organic foods as well. This is a significant change and you should know the reasons for making the shift. What makes organic foods better than the traditional ones? What benefits will you gain? What are the drawbacks? Let us discuss some of the reasons you may wish to change.

Firstly, you should be aware of how to recognize an organic food. Organic foods have a label which says Certified Organic. It is easy to find on the label and you should look for this before you buy. If it is hard to find then it probably is not there. Do not be fooled by products that say organic but are not certified or products that use the word natural or other variations of the word organic.

The preparation of organic foods is highly regulated. Not just anyone can go out and sell organic food. There are strict standards in order for the organic foods to be certified by Quality Assurance International. Truly organic foods are of the highest standards. The genuine products have the QAI labels, certifying them as fit for human consumption.
Organic food products are often better tasting, helping us to overcome our slavery to food additives. Try buying some organic vegetables and steam them. Steaming as well holds the flavor of vegetables. You will find you need less butter and salt on organic vegetables. You will be very surprised at how good they taste and how much longer they stay fresh.

Of course you will pay more for organic foods but as they become more popular you will find that the prices will come down. I think this is one of the main drawbacks. A lot of people want to go organic but just do not feel they can afford it. A good suggestion is to buy organic when you can afford them so you get times when you are obtaining more nutrition. Supporting the organic growers in this manner will ensure that the price will eventually go down as more and more people make a point of buying them. Remember that some grocery stores give up on supplying organic vegetables because people do not buy them.

The improved taste is largely due to the fact that these fruits and vegetables are free of chemicals. The soil on which organic food is grown cannot contain chemicals as well.

The naturally grown foods are also known to counter a number of diseases. For example, the products tend to lessen the chances of getting cancer. The chemicals used in a number of pesticides are said to have elements that increase the risk of getting cancer. Unfortunately, this is an issue that is hidden from many people. The chemicals used for a variety of tasks such as killing weeds and insects are considered to be harmful. However, they are still used pretty widely, and their baleful effects are well packed within most of the farm products that are still largely on sale. Imagine, you go out and see those beautiful fresh vegetables at the supermarket and they all contain many chemicals. You think you are eating healthy but you really are not. You can easily do a search on the web as to what the standard chemicals are in a particular vegetable. Different vegetables contain different chemicals sometimes over 10 chemical in a single type of vegetable. It actually is sickening to think about. You would not get the chemicals in organic vegetables.

Because organic foods carry less toxic chemicals they also can help prevent many illnesses that are connected to the chemicals we obtain in our foods.

As we have seen briefly, eating organic foods comes with a lot of benefits to your personal health. However, many people are put off by the high cost of maintaining such a natural diet. The other side of it is that once you are sick you end up spending more money on your health care anyway. Starting now with organic foods will reduce the need for medical expenses later on.

While organic foods are usually more difficult to get, you can make your purchases relatively easily from a company that delivers organic food. This will give you a simple way of getting your nutritional requirements. But first of all, you need to be familiar with the delivery companies and how you may find them. It is the purpose of this article to shed some light on this issue.

One of the best ways for you to zero in on a company that delivers organic food is by using the Internet. When you make such an online purchase, your order will be brought up to your house. Given that the companies involved are interested in delivering your organic food in a fresh state, the orders are processed quite fast. Hence most of them carry next-day deliveries.

It is not just vegetables that are sold as well. There are many products that have been certified organic some of which have a long shelf life. I personally buy organic Apple Cider Vinegar which actually lasts five years in the bottle.

There are a variety of choices open to you when you purchase your organic foods online. Some organic food shops sell several different types of brands. In addition, a number of manufacturers opt to sell their organic food products entirely online. Regardless of the type you choose, you should shop around first and make necessary comparisons. This will not only help you to find a rich variety of organic foods but also cheaper deals.

You may also arrange for organic food delivery offline, from local organic food stores. So far, this is the method that the majority of organic food consumers use.

Here too there are different options open to you. For example, you may place an order at a time when you are not going home. In such a situation, you can make arrangements for your order to be delivered to your home at a later time. A number of local stores provide this type of organic food delivery service.

An increasing number of local organic food stores currently provide both local and online services. As a result, you can simply place your order via your local organic food store’s website. Your organic food is usually delivered to you in a matter of hours. The only difference to full-fledged online shopping is that these stores have a restriction on the distance they operate within. You should inquire from your local store as to whether they have such a service. Organic food is sold in the larger cities and as well in the smaller towns since it is in the rural area where these products are often produced.

As you can see, there are different ways through which you can find an organic food delivery company. And you may even play a part by suggesting the above option to your local store in case they do not yet have such a service.

Having your organic food delivered to your door is a convenient method, which is especially useful to those with disabilities. Give organic food a try. You will not be sorry.

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Organic Food   Information on the Benefits of Organic Food Organic Food   Information on the Benefits of Organic Food Organic Food   Information on the Benefits of Organic Food Organic Food   Information on the Benefits of Organic Food Organic Food   Information on the Benefits of Organic Food

What is an Alkaline Rich Diet?Do you know the Acid Alkaline Diet? The Acid Alkaline Diet is a popular approach people took in 2003 and 2004, created by Dr Robert Atkins. He had practiced this diet approach through solving his obesity in person. Therefore, he thought that the in-taking refined carbohydrate is the root of obesity. However, as to the effect of the Acid Alkaline Diet, different studies hold different opinions. Not all the people agree with Dr Robert Atkins’ Atkins Diet, and they thought that it is this diet promotes some diseases. The opposite voices make us consider whether the Acid Alkaline Diet is a proper approach to benefit our people.

And then, what is the result of this reconsideration? And what is the opposite of the Acid Alkaline Diet? The answer is the Acid Alkaline Diet. From the previous studies on healthy diet, it is very important for us to balance the acidity and alkalinity in our body. As we known, under the normal condition, people’s body ph level is between 7.3 and 7.4 and the ideal ph level is 7.3. The animal foods we take everyday are all appear to be acid foods. If we take too much without enough alkaline foods, it may make blood to become acidic and increase blood viscosity finally. So in our daily life, we should keep on taking some alkaline foods to ensure our health. The alkaline foods are rich in calcium, sodium, iron, potassium, magnesium. These kinds of elements are what our health needs. We can get them from fresh vegetables, fruits, some low-glycemic foods and many other foods. As a result it can help us to fight against many diseases, such as Osteoporosis, obesity and so on. The Acid Alkaline Diet consists of 80% alkaline foods and 20% acid foods.

The Acid Alkaline Diet can help us to have a good immune system and also endow us more physical power. If you are a patient during your recovery, the Acid Alkalis Diet can enable you recovery much faster by in-taking the alkaline foods. If you are a busy office worker who are tired of every day’s heavy tasks and stress, the Acid Alkalis Diet can save you out of the terrible condition by providing you more vigor. Besides, the studies had found that the Acid Alkalis Diet is related to the level of intelligence. When the acidity is high, the intelligence quotient is low. When the alkalinity is high, the intelligence quotient is high. So the increasing in-taking of the alkaline foods can improve people’s intelligence quotient. Because of this relation, more and more parents inclined to increase their children’s absorption of the alkaline foods.
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What is an Alkaline Rich Diet? What is an Alkaline Rich Diet? What is an Alkaline Rich Diet? What is an Alkaline Rich Diet? What is an Alkaline Rich Diet?